Considering Adult Film Work?

First rule to follow? Don’t do anything that you wouldn’t be okay with parents, future employers, in-laws or your Nan knowing about, this is a permanent decision and can not just be swept under the rug. These people in your life will find out, it will have a dramatic impact on your life which you will not be in control of. Even a stage name will not  keep this from being discovered. You may even want to consider working for a agency such as New Grantham Escorts Agency.


Thinking of doing this permanently? Think again the average career will only last 4-6 months but you can make up to 40k in the time working, but think of this as a one off payment, the chances are against you in a long lasting career. In and out.

Do you have a loved one? Don’t risk it, it isn’t okay. People will be hurt. People in your family will not agree with this and you may lose friends, family or a relationship. This could also hinder future relationships for you too.

However, you must bear in mind if you have done it, there is always other options, such as escorting – I am currently working for a great Lincoln Escorts site.


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